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Super Happy Do The Right Thing

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Super Happy Mylks that weren’t


Howdy Super Happy People!

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Send it!

This past weekend was amazing.  My company, Super Happy Juice, had it’s first production and shipment of orders.

On Tuesday, the company had an opportunity to face a challenge–One of our products was not suitable to drink.

We make our “Mylks” (a non-dairy drink) with cashews.  They are soaked, and then blended and mixed to create a delicious drink.  However, if not produced correctly, they can ferment and not be tasty.  Unfortunately, this is what happened.  We determined the cause, the boxes were not properly insulated enough, and then sought to remedy the situation.  While some of the mylks “tasted OK” to people, they really should taste *delicious*, so something was awry.

After the first person who tried them did not give rave reviews, I check my samples and realize they were not good.  I then immediately contacted every customer, via email, and called a few of them as well, as informed them to discard the product and we will replace it, free of charge.

There was no other option that crossed my mind.  As the Chief Super Happy of Super Happy Juice, my #1 job is to make everyone “Super Happy”, and this means getting them a great product that they will love.

We will make more Mylk over the weekend and send to our customers on Monday–Better insulated, and with extra ice packs.  And our customers will go bonkers over how delicious our Cashew Mylk really is.

The great thing about running your own company, is you never have to worry if “The Right Thing  to Do” is the same as “What’s Best for the Company?”  It always is.

Up Next Time:  Super Happy Customers

Super Happy GSD

Howdy Super Happy People!!

Today I had a conversation with a friend of mine (the same person who talked me into going to business school) who is an entrepreneur as well.

Me:  “So do we ever get a ‘net negative 1’ on our List, or is it always increasing?”

Friend:  “Yup. There is always something to add.  It never stops.”

2013-09-01 15.21.22
While you might see your Goal in the distance, there is always more, often unseen, ahead of you.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been furiously hammering my List, and every time I start to make headway, 10 more things are added.  For example, we are locking down our production facility for Super Happy Juice, and we need to have a Food Handlers License before we can sign on.  Nothing we didn’t foresee, just something we have to do. It will likely take a day for the class, pay the $15 fee, and whammy, we are certified food handlers.  Again, nothing that precludes us from creating a Super Awesome Company, just another thing.  Just backs up the ability to “cross it off your List” by a day or two.

When I was a Teaching Assistant my 2nd year at Anderson, I worked with undergrads on business plan development and lectured on hands on running of companies.  A common theme was:  A good plan and excellent execution, beats a great plan and mediocre execution.  I would hold this as the most important tenents of entrepreneurship–execution.

In B-School, and the business world, I describe these people as a GSD.  There is no better accolade to bestow upon someone, in my opinion.

A follow up to my mentorship post yesterday.  I had a young person I met over a year ago, connect with me this week about helping them create plan for the next 3-5 years.  Very positive meeting.  What was encouraging about the person was they knew they had an uphill battle facing them.  And in one conversation, they had a week’s worth of homework ahead of them.  As a former collegiate athlete, they were  excited about the adversity in front of them, and the chance to have a long-term goal.  More to come on this.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with another banker.  I get a much better vibe from this one, even just via email.  We have a mission at Super Happy Juice:  Only work with people who espouse what we do, and are excited to be part of our venture.  If you aren’t excited to work with us, there is someone else who is.  And that’s a good thing, for everyone.

That’s my job, and I’m sticking to it. #ChiefSuperHappy

Be Super Interesting

interesting2Your Choices are your Reflection

We all want to be around positive, fun, interesting people.  We feel better, get inspired, and grow personally by having this interaction.  I have always been very comfortable talking with people.  Perhaps it is from always wanting/needing attention as a child.  Perhaps it is from being in sales and never knowing whom that someone is that could be a “Glengarry Lead”Glengarry-Leads-300x223.

However, as I’ve met more people, with no ulterior motive, I’ve gotten to the point where there is a true fulfillment of making a connection with someone.

I do believe in karma, and paying it forward.  For me, being able to help someone with their goals is a different, but equal, satisfaction of me having a personal success.

Today, Business Insider has a great article on “being interesting”:

Many years ago, I was a District Manager for Vector Marketing.  Something I taught my sales reps was, “Be interested, not interesting”.  Meaning, get good at asking questions and letting people talk about themselves–they love that!  Note, this is #2.

Also pay attention to #7, Live an Interesting Life.  Not to espouse the whole YOLO (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YOLO_%28motto%29) era; perhaps the concept of “May you live in Interesting times” is more appropriate.   It can boil down to this, “Do Fun Stuff”.  I have a few benefits of being “unencumbered”, and I take advantage of it.  Also, I am horrible at “saying No”…If you ask me to do something, I’ll probably say “yes”.  (See:  Wrestling, Steer)  If anything, I have cool stories to tell my grandchildren when I’m wearing pants up high around my chest.  #GrandpaUsedToBeABadass

The last concept, #1–Don’t be boring, Be Brief, Be Positive.  Nobody want to hang around a Negative Nancy, or Downer Doug.  Having a bad day, acknowledge it and move on.  People will appreciate you for it, and you’ll actually be accepted for it.  Plus, you will condition yourself to not get stuck in those situations.  This will help you create and develop your more powerful self.

And then, Be Brief.  So I think I have taken up enough of your time already with this post.  Keep Being Super Happy, and I’ll let you know about some business stuff over then next few days.