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Super Happy Do The Right Thing

Vanilla Cinnamon_bottles
Super Happy Mylks that weren’t


Howdy Super Happy People!

Super Happy Shipping_FedEx
Send it!

This past weekend was amazing.  My company, Super Happy Juice, had it’s first production and shipment of orders.

On Tuesday, the company had an opportunity to face a challenge–One of our products was not suitable to drink.

We make our “Mylks” (a non-dairy drink) with cashews.  They are soaked, and then blended and mixed to create a delicious drink.  However, if not produced correctly, they can ferment and not be tasty.  Unfortunately, this is what happened.  We determined the cause, the boxes were not properly insulated enough, and then sought to remedy the situation.  While some of the mylks “tasted OK” to people, they really should taste *delicious*, so something was awry.

After the first person who tried them did not give rave reviews, I check my samples and realize they were not good.  I then immediately contacted every customer, via email, and called a few of them as well, as informed them to discard the product and we will replace it, free of charge.

There was no other option that crossed my mind.  As the Chief Super Happy of Super Happy Juice, my #1 job is to make everyone “Super Happy”, and this means getting them a great product that they will love.

We will make more Mylk over the weekend and send to our customers on Monday–Better insulated, and with extra ice packs.  And our customers will go bonkers over how delicious our Cashew Mylk really is.

The great thing about running your own company, is you never have to worry if “The Right Thing  to Do” is the same as “What’s Best for the Company?”  It always is.

Up Next Time:  Super Happy Customers

Super Happy Volunteering

Howdy Folks!

2014-02-15 07.17.27-1
I love the smell of tee times in the morning. It smells like…balata!


2014-02-16 07.31.32
Early morning before the start of the Final Round of the Northern Trust Open at the Riviera Country Club

This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at the Northern Trust Open, the LA stop on the PGA Tour.  This was the third consecutive year I’ve worked the tournament and it was the best it ever was.

One of the reasons why I like working at the event is being able to meet all sorts of very interesting people.  And this year was no exception.  My goal, in meting people, was to find a contact for this year’s Masters Golf Tournament, A Tradition Like No Other, and I think I put forth a good effort.  We shall see.

The other reason why I enjoy working there is to practice my communication skills.  I check credentials for people entering a very exclusive (read:  expensive) courtesy tent–The United Fairway Club.  Tickets are around $250/day and well worth it.  Here’s how you buy, ask for James Jackson and mention me…Although he might charge you extra if you do!  😎

2014-02-14 09.43.27
Freddie Couples, University of Houston Golf Team, teeing off at #1

As I was saying, when you have to tell people “no”, it can be a challenge.  Especially when you are in a positive environment like a golf tournament.  People want in, yet they didn’t pay for a ticket.  The food and beverages are part of your ticket, so it’s a great time for all.

However, if I let just anyone in, then it would dilute the value of those who paid for their ticket.  Sometimes, this meant a person was delayed in entering while I validated their credentials.  Doing this in a positive way, benefits everyone.

2014-02-16 06.28.17
The benefit of being at the golf course at 6:30am.

The lesson learned here is this.  Being cautious and preventing “mistakes” is worth the “hassle” of being wrong.  Especially when you consider that “being wrong” will eventually mean, you won’t be able to volunteer in the future.

I made the wife of the Executive Director of the tournament get a ticket, because her credentials didn’t allow her entry.  While inconvenienced, she admitted she was impressed and would give a positive, glowing feedback to her hubbie at how diligent I was.

At the end of the day, literally, all we had was how we handled our patrons.  Courteously, and with diligence.

Next up–Some Super Positive Taste Testing!