Super Happy Always Do List

Howdy Super Happy People!

I was at an John Wooden Global Leadership Awards Gala for my alma mater, UCLA Anderson School of Management, this evening and I had a chance to do something that is on my “Always Do” List. Let me first explain what an “Always Do” List is:

The Always Do List is an action of behavior that you absolutely must ALWAYS DO. There is no excuse tolerable. No “I’ll let it slide this time”. No “It won’t make a difference”. No “Next time”. It’s always.

The List can be whatever you’d like it to be. But once it’s on the List, it can never come off. This is the challenging part…FOR-EVER is a LOOOOONG time. The List should be someone short–fewer than a half dozen things–as each item on the list must have an impact.

One of the things on my Always Do List is “Always introduce myself to someone who is a billionaire.” How I managed to introduce myself to him is a very funny story that I will keep private, as it’s those moments that are the value to me.

So my challenge to y’all is:  What is on your Always Do List?

Keep Being Happy!