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Be Super Interesting

interesting2Your Choices are your Reflection

We all want to be around positive, fun, interesting people.  We feel better, get inspired, and grow personally by having this interaction.  I have always been very comfortable talking with people.  Perhaps it is from always wanting/needing attention as a child.  Perhaps it is from being in sales and never knowing whom that someone is that could be a “Glengarry Lead”Glengarry-Leads-300x223.

However, as I’ve met more people, with no ulterior motive, I’ve gotten to the point where there is a true fulfillment of making a connection with someone.

I do believe in karma, and paying it forward.  For me, being able to help someone with their goals is a different, but equal, satisfaction of me having a personal success.

Today, Business Insider has a great article on “being interesting”:

Many years ago, I was a District Manager for Vector Marketing.  Something I taught my sales reps was, “Be interested, not interesting”.  Meaning, get good at asking questions and letting people talk about themselves–they love that!  Note, this is #2.

Also pay attention to #7, Live an Interesting Life.  Not to espouse the whole YOLO (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YOLO_%28motto%29) era; perhaps the concept of “May you live in Interesting times” is more appropriate.   It can boil down to this, “Do Fun Stuff”.  I have a few benefits of being “unencumbered”, and I take advantage of it.  Also, I am horrible at “saying No”…If you ask me to do something, I’ll probably say “yes”.  (See:  Wrestling, Steer)  If anything, I have cool stories to tell my grandchildren when I’m wearing pants up high around my chest.  #GrandpaUsedToBeABadass

The last concept, #1–Don’t be boring, Be Brief, Be Positive.  Nobody want to hang around a Negative Nancy, or Downer Doug.  Having a bad day, acknowledge it and move on.  People will appreciate you for it, and you’ll actually be accepted for it.  Plus, you will condition yourself to not get stuck in those situations.  This will help you create and develop your more powerful self.

And then, Be Brief.  So I think I have taken up enough of your time already with this post.  Keep Being Super Happy, and I’ll let you know about some business stuff over then next few days.