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Super Happy Do The Right Thing

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Super Happy Mylks that weren’t


Howdy Super Happy People!

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Send it!

This past weekend was amazing.  My company, Super Happy Juice, had it’s first production and shipment of orders.

On Tuesday, the company had an opportunity to face a challenge–One of our products was not suitable to drink.

We make our “Mylks” (a non-dairy drink) with cashews.  They are soaked, and then blended and mixed to create a delicious drink.  However, if not produced correctly, they can ferment and not be tasty.  Unfortunately, this is what happened.  We determined the cause, the boxes were not properly insulated enough, and then sought to remedy the situation.  While some of the mylks “tasted OK” to people, they really should taste *delicious*, so something was awry.

After the first person who tried them did not give rave reviews, I check my samples and realize they were not good.  I then immediately contacted every customer, via email, and called a few of them as well, as informed them to discard the product and we will replace it, free of charge.

There was no other option that crossed my mind.  As the Chief Super Happy of Super Happy Juice, my #1 job is to make everyone “Super Happy”, and this means getting them a great product that they will love.

We will make more Mylk over the weekend and send to our customers on Monday–Better insulated, and with extra ice packs.  And our customers will go bonkers over how delicious our Cashew Mylk really is.

The great thing about running your own company, is you never have to worry if “The Right Thing  to Do” is the same as “What’s Best for the Company?”  It always is.

Up Next Time:  Super Happy Customers

Chief Super Happy–Let’s Do THIS!!

My friend gave me this to read
My friend gave me this to read

Howdy!  My name is Chris Ochs.  I am the Chief Super Happy of a company I co-founded, called Super Happy Juice.  I’ll write later, at greater length, about my company.  This is a blog about me, and the challenges, and most importantly victories, of starting and running a company.

While I’m sure there are many “better” blogs about being an entrepreneur and running a company (For example, one of my favorite blogs on this subject is, www.onlyonceblog.com.  It is Super Fantastic), I will not try to be one of those.

Instead, I will just be myself.  There is a term called WYSIWYG “wizzywig”.  It means “What You See Is What You Get”.  I will try to covey what it is like to start up and run a company, by doing it the Super Happy Way.  I will hopefully accomplish this with some insights into me…and hopefully that will at least provide you with some entertainment.

What is the Super Happy Way??  That is what we shall both find out, and create.
I will also try and keep this short and to the point.  (Something I’m not so great at in conversation.)  As always, I welcome feedback and discussion.

Be Super Happy!!