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Chief Super Happy–Let’s Do THIS!!

My friend gave me this to read
My friend gave me this to read

Howdy!  My name is Chris Ochs.  I am the Chief Super Happy of a company I co-founded, called Super Happy Juice.  I’ll write later, at greater length, about my company.  This is a blog about me, and the challenges, and most importantly victories, of starting and running a company.

While I’m sure there are many “better” blogs about being an entrepreneur and running a company (For example, one of my favorite blogs on this subject is, www.onlyonceblog.com.  It is Super Fantastic), I will not try to be one of those.

Instead, I will just be myself.  There is a term called WYSIWYG “wizzywig”.  It means “What You See Is What You Get”.  I will try to covey what it is like to start up and run a company, by doing it the Super Happy Way.  I will hopefully accomplish this with some insights into me…and hopefully that will at least provide you with some entertainment.

What is the Super Happy Way??  That is what we shall both find out, and create.
I will also try and keep this short and to the point.  (Something I’m not so great at in conversation.)  As always, I welcome feedback and discussion.

Be Super Happy!!