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Assemble Your Team

A crucial component of starting any business is making sure you have the BEST people “on the bus”, “in the raft”, “pulling the wagon”, etc. Without getting overly simplistic, here’s how describe it:

Three months from now, when the shine of enthusiasm has waned, and this person brings to you a challenge, are you excited tackle it with them? Yes, this might be a challenge, to predict the future performance of a person. However, if you know this person reasonably well, your diligence would indicate, and you know your business, then are you excited to roll your sleeves and dig in this person?

If answer is unequivocally “YES”…


Those are the Super Happy People you want. Build your Team around them. Late at night, under pressure, you’ll be glad you did.

Oh, I was on “Spoilers-with Kevin Smith” last week. I’ll write about that next. Interesting insight into individuals…