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Super Happy People Smarter Than Me

Howdy Super Happy People!

Over the weekend, I had some insightful things that I thought I would write about to demonstrate my genius, and mastery of conveying said genius upon my followers.

However, this morning I read a posting from a person much smarter than @ChiefSuperHappy.  And that person is Scott Weiss (@W_ScottWeiss) of the firm Andreessen Horowitz, This Guy .  He had a brilliant post about the start-up mentality and GSD (although he used a different term) This post.  I love all of the points he’s making–they drill down to “Achieve The Unreasonable”.   For example, there have been a few times in my career where my foot has been “on the line”.  Fortunately, they have all been successful.

His emphasis on “violent passion”:  Do you need an alarm clock to get you out of bed to attack your business?  I had a conversation with a President/COO whose company Super Happy Juice will be partnering with.  And he put it this way, “I set an alarm just in case, but it usually goes off in my pocket on my way to work in the morning.”  Your too busy creating your business, to let sleep get in the way.

Read Scott’s post, and use it as a checklist for your business/Life.

I’ve got meetings with bankers and lawyers I’ll be writing about this week.  Be Super Happy Everyone!!