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Super Happy Birthday!!

Howdy Folks!

Well, Tuesday was my birthday and I had a blast with it!  I did some business work, but I’ll keep the focus of this post on the personal adventures.

I went for a, at this point in my training, long run.  Yes, it was only 5.5 miles, but I’ll take it!  I haven’t been training in several months and it felt really good to get back out there and put some miles on the shoes.  There was a gorgeous sunset over Santa Monica, so I was able to snap a good pic of it too!

2014-02-25 17.17.18
Nothing like a Super Happy Birthday Run along the beach!!
2014-02-25 18.05.19
My Super Happy Birthday Card from Papasan!

This was a GREAT run!





Speaking of Papasan…My Dad sent me a Super Happy Birthday Card of one of my favorite Super Heroes–Thor.  I’ve been a Thor fan, since before Thor became a popular movie.  I’ve had a costume for well over a decade.  It will make an appearance I’m sure.

The message of my Birthday Post is this:  Be not just Happy, but Super Happy for things in your Life.  And never hesitate to take moments to realize this.  My Birthday comes close enough to the beginning of the year where I can put in some more in-depth introspection rather than the typical end-of-year “make more money, get healthier, have better relationships, etc.” resolutions.  For the next year in my Life I am committed to driving this business to success, and over $1 million in sales.  Run my ultramarathon on December 7th in Marin, CA.  And, working towards my ultimate goal of “Having a Dog” (This is the topic of an entirely separate posting).

Spend your time wisely, for there are no refunds in Life.