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Super Happy Back to Exercise

A Super Happy Howdy to Everyone!

I’ll keep this post fairly brief. (If that’s possible for me!)  One of my goals this year is to complete The North Face 50  mile race.  The event is in December, up in Marin County.  I trained intensely for it last year, and had to withdraw due to lingering injuries (not because I’m old).  I was able to roll my entry into this year.  Unfortunately, that now means I have to start training for this.

Something I’ve noticed though, is I am a much better operator when I am physically active.  Nothing revolutionary here, all the science in the world proves it.  Science Fiction too.  Take a look at this guy.  In the end, Jabba made bad “hiring” decisions.

This week, I’m “back on” for my training.  I’ve run three days in a row, and feel great–15+ miles in, and likely 10 more over the weekend.  Now, I just need to stretch more!!  😎

The photo below is of my friend Brooke, she’s an Olympic-caliber marathoner.  She just finished Boston on Monday.  She’s amazing!  And funny.

2014-03-20 06.56.15
Running with my Bestie Brooke!!

Important to understand.  Have balance.  Take care of yourself, physically and mentally…you only got one of ya!

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More to come next week.